"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do matters very much."
- Jackie Kennedy

What is the specialty of this Value of Money program?

We suspect most kids think ‘money grows on trees’! As parents we know that children lack money sense, since they seem to miss the connect between work and earning. NIMka uses basic economics (suitably drummed down to suit kids) and financial concepts to drive home, these all important money lessons.

How can it help the student?

The NIMka Creed explains in detail the role played by money in our lives. Only when children and parents master the mechanics of money we can dream about a financially free & stress free life.

What is MQ & SQ ?

Heard of IQ & EQ, right, so you've worked on them. Most parents sadly assume that this will somehow 'automatically' lead to MQ(Money Quotient) & SQ(Smartness Quotient). NIMka introduces this trainable quality in children in their formative years.

Isn’t it too early to learn about money?

Children develop learning and imprinting new concepts from age 6 onwards. Financial Grooming is a habit-forming technique for a healthy, peaceful and happy life. We want kids to be ready well before their earning years start to give them a head-start.

Won’t the usage of these concepts start much later?

If kids will learn to buy/spend for a Rs 10/- chocolate with care today, they will apply the same principles to spend for a Rs 10k item when their earning years start. We don’t want them to experiment and bungle with big bucks, right !

Will they not forget these learning’s by the time they are 22?

Very good question. Lets take an example, can you guess, who would be a better cyclist ? The one who learns at 10 or the other who learns at 30. Like any skill, Money & Smartness lessons learnt in the young, habit forming years sticks for a lifetime.

Money is experienced, we never learnt it!

True. Our generation never learnt it. A US study found money to be the root cause of 70% of divorces. Money is also the major reason for almost all civil disputes world over. Its our mission to ensure our children lead a balanced stress-free yet successful life. And yes, we hugely emphasize on moral values.

But money is a complex topic. Is it wise to expose children to these things so early?

That’s the NIMka uniqueness. We have de-jargonized everything, making understanding a child’s play. We have surveyed 100s of parents and educators while creating our curriculum. We have even factored in pastoral advices to have ethics as the bedrock of the course.

Is there an exam/test after completion of the programme ?

NIMka has created a state-of-art online assessment system that will get activated when the student completes the programme.

Are there vacation classes ?

It is an after-school programme that runs all year long.