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‘Value of Money’ (VoM) sounds interesting. What would be covered in this topic?

NIMka covers basic financial concepts and economics (suitably drummed down to suit kids). The topics range from barley as the original currency to techniques to handle peer pressure. It’s a comprehensive programme that tackles banking, loans, credit cards, budgeting, saving and smart spending. Its an attitude building programme designed for children between age groups 10 and 16, packaged in a child-friendly pedagogy.

Who can take a NIMka VoM Franchisee ?

Those with a natural love to teach children are ideal. People who dream to grow their venture big are most suitable for a NIMka Franchisee.

Does a Franchisee need any prior knowledge in finance subjects and have teaching experience?

Not at all. The topics we cover are simple and the techniques taught can be effortlessly picked up by any average adult.

What sort of training and guidance would a Franchisee get from NIMka?

NIMka will give Franchisees a holistic training on our copyrighted content, teaching methodology with our special pedagogy. Our training also includes the business aspects of running a franchisee.

What kind of infrastructure is necessary ?

NIMka VoM Workshop can be conducted in any premises taken on rent on hourly basis.

How long will it take to break-even (or get my ROI) ?

We expect our Franchisees to dream big and target a minimum of 100 students in the 1st year. However, break-even comes with the first lot of 15-20 students itself.

Is there a specific territory that I will get exclusively? How many centres can I run?

Signing up one franchise is good enough for your entire city jurisdiction. There is no restriction on the number of NIMka VoM workshops a franchisees conducts in any location/s within the city. It is the NIMka policy that the Franchisee owner will also be the Coach (teacher).

What sort of support does NIMka provide to its Franchisees?

Very pertinent query. With 15 years of experience, being a ‘franchisee’ ourselves , we have devised mechanics that will ease the franchisee challenges in getting admissions and running the classes. Trust us, we are there with you at every step.

We are already a Franchisee of a different Franchisor; in addition, can we take Franchisee of NIMka ?

NIMka permits Franchisees to indulge in other business pursuits or classes as long as there are no conflicts of interest or curriculum.

Interesting, but seems like a new concept. Is there a demand ?

Good question. It’s a new product in India, however our survey has shown that it is likely to catch-up like wild fire. As an early mover, you will be a Trendsetter NIMka Franchisee.

Amazing concept, but how do we reach-out to parents?

NIMka site has a digital platform to attract student enquiries. NIMka SOAP manual gives out several tried and tested techniques to reach-out to parents. And most importantly once a few students register and experience a NIMka session, the all powerful ‘word-of-mouth’ process triggers new admissions almost in an auto-mode.