Message from the Founder


I have been a Rotarian for a dozen plus years. It was last year when I was nominated to lead our Rotary Club as its President. Suddenly I saw a new responsibility on my shoulders. Having been an active Rotarian all these years, I have been part of its various projects, however the year I became a President, I could see things from an entirely different perspective.

O n one such visit , it was heart-rending to learn that even in this modern era there were children who walked over 2 hours one way, barefoot on a mountain track just to reach a school. Rotary works for humanitarian causes and we decided to provide footwear, bicycles etc for those children. I realized that, as an individual I probably wouldn’t have been able to offer charity at this level. However, another thought struck, and that was, we actually needed to do much-much more. How about building a road; How about starting another school in the remote village’s vicinity etc. It dawned on me that, with more money at our disposal, we could have given away a lot more.
"Giving" probably is the purpose of life.
Wealth generation is almost a Godly pursuit, if the intentions are noble.

Major Prince Paul
Founder & CEO
NIMka Education Group.