Forward Thinking Parent Quiz

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Throughout history, the world has seen its fair share of forward thinkers – men and women who were visionaries and ahead of their time. One thing that these brilliant minds had in common is that they have somehow managed to break through the conservative forces they faced , without making a martyr of themselves.

Attempt this 5 minute Quiz to evaluate yourself. Self rate ‘0’ which means low and ‘5’ signifies high. Allow your own track-record of actions in the past 5 to 10 years to guide you as you take this quiz.

1. Not dwelling in the past

They do not carry any baggage of the past with them.

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2. Seeing the larger picture

They are very good at connecting the dots together and seeing the larger picture.

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3. The creative and analytical balance

Most people are either predominantly analytical or predominantly creative. Forward-thinkers are people who, either naturally or by habit, manage to keep a good balance between these two approaches. This makes it easier for them to see trends and future directions.

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4. Keeping a solid vision

Most forward-thinkers are visionaries and as the word implies, they have a solid vision that keeps them looking forward into the future and ahead of their time.

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5. Not being trapped by conventional thinking

The hallmark of a forward thinker is that he or she is somehow different – thinks differently, works differently and responds differently to common life situations.

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6. Perseverance

They persevered through hardships, prejudice, failure and sometimes – total life catastrophes.

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7. Open to possibilities

The forward thinker is not seduced by the comfort of normality. He or she will challenge established knowledge and conventional wisdom to the extent of facing disapproval of the tribe.

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8. Taking responsibility of one’s destiny

One becomes more aware that our actions have consequences and each one of us has both the power and responsibility of creating our own destiny.

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0 to 10

You are a Close minded person

11 to 20

You prefer traditional approaches

21 to 25

With awareness and practice you can easily become a Forward Thinking Person

26 to 32

You are a Forward Thinking Person

33 & more

You are a Forward Thinking Leader. You have Courage, EQ, Strategic Planning, Execution oriented with a commitment to achieve against odds.

NIMka would like to partner with forward-thinking parents who will dare to challenge the status quo for their children, to enable them to achieve minimum 10x of ourselves.