Franchisee Benefits
from a Fruitful Association
  • Financial Independence

    Low Investment.
    Early ROI and high returns.
    Sustained Earning.

  • Astitva

    Identity and Reputation.
    Social Status.
    Admired and Respected.

  • Time Flexibility

    Start with just 4 hours teaching per week.
    Class timing, number of batches all upto you.

  • Business Opportunity

    International Trend.
    Well travelled parents.
    Need of the day.

  • Easy Franchisee Operations

    Corporate Support (Branding, Marketing, Promo).
    Online Admin Management.
    Standardized Systems.

  • NIMka Money Curriculum

    Extremely well researched, 100% in-house publication.
    Highly Practical approach.
    Addresses the gap in School & Parent teaching.

  • Why Parents can’t teach money

    They are not good role models.
    They might not hold expertise.
    Damages relationship to say no-no for everything.
    Branded as ‘miserly’ by children

  • Trust NIMka

    Founded by former Army officer.
    5 years of earnest research. Copyright protected.
    Backed by 15 years experience of SPARK Academy.