About Us

Enriching the future of our nation, by reaching a multitude of children with NIMka financial education.

NIMka Legacy

    The seeds of NIMka were sown circa 2008 starting with a study on why despite producing the world’s highest number of engineers & doctors we still have so much illiteracy and poverty in India. The education system with excessive focus on memorization and rote learning was our first target.

    NIMka Math-Labs were created and today is in use in several education institutions and is very popular with kids. The next logical step was NIMka Financial education. Parents want two things for their children. A great career and adequate earning. However, there was no format available to give money lesson to kids. 5 years and 500 children later, this powerful new avatar of NIMka took birth.


Who We are

NIMka specializes in setting up after-school institutes for running classes. We offer the world’s best curriculum in financial education for children between ages 10 and 16. NIMka presents its powerful child-centric programme through a chain of NIMka Franchisee Centres.

The NIMka Promise

With NIMka, your Child will surely and certainly get the right grooming to be Worldly Smart.


We envision in enhancing the Money and Smartness Quotient in children our programme touches. Our purpose is to generate abundance mentality in families and communities for the cause of greater societal good.

NIMka Code of Ethics


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NIMka Creed

  • There are so many challenges in life,
  • Many a brilliant idea could never be implemented;
  • Several opportunities in life are lost,
  • Peace and happiness of individuals and communities are under threat,
  • They say ‘you can either be right or rich’,

Value of Money

How Money-lessons will make your Child Worldly Smart


Why is it so important to give your children a firm financial education?

As a responsible parent, here are 10 solid reasons why you should be planning money-lessons for your child.

NIMka Teaching Methodology

  • Story telling

    kid-friendly pedagogy

  • Group activities for

    peer learning

  • Interesting home


    done along with parents

  • Real World


  • Innovative ‘props’

    in class to trigger imaginative skills

  • Lively &

    Interactive Class

Student Value Proposition

  • Why experiment for years?

    Join NIMka, become Worldly Smart.


Franchisee Value Proposition

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    Find Opportunities around you.

    Coach when you want,
    where you want.

NIMka Statistics



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I'm happy to know that NIMka has come up with this very practical and need of the hour programme for children.

Dr. Stella Samuel Phd
Former Principal
Bishop Cotton School

I have a 24 years old son and it is bewildering to see him splurge his earnings away. Thankfully NIMka offers financial education for children at an early age.

Dr. Anupama Gupta Phd (Edu)
Life Coach

In today’s times, we know that more than making money, ethics is of a serious concern. NIMka has done a magnificent job of addressing this sensitive issue to children.

Sanjay Chaturvedi
CEO, ActionCOACH India Pvt Ltd

Most parents push children to careers that is of their own choice. Earning from that job seems to matter more than the child’s aptitude. NIMka opens up a new thought process for children and their parents.

Dr Raj Chavan
Sr. ENT Surgeon, Owner, Kamal Hospital