Regular Maths
  • Uses Board & Chalk for teaching.
  • All diagrams are 2D.
  • Abstracts like "x" and "y" are taught as plain theory classes.
  • Activity, at the most would involve some drawings.
  • Teacher's instructional Methodology in typically one-way communication.
  • Children are given regular practices on sums & home work.
  • Most Sums & Problems are routine.
  • Chapter heading themselves are confusing & curriculum mixes up various concepts
  • Stress is on direct application of formulas & theorems.
  • Overall impression of Math is that, it's a tedious subject & requires lots of hard work.
NIMka Maths
  • We have a laboratory method of teaching.
  • All shapes are shown as 3D models.
  • NIMka concrete 3D Models give size, shape & dimensions to 'x' & 'y'
  • Every class has activity time, where children experience touch and feel models.
  • A student experiences interactive learning 50% of the time.
  • All sums & problems are graded as Simple, Moderate & difficult.
  • Most sums/ problems require innovative thinking and sharpness to tackle.
  • Each Concept is tackled in a different chapter for
    clearer understanding.
  • Mastering the skill to apply mind, for simplification of complex statements.
  • Math is useful in Life ! And it's Pretty interesting too !