It is commonly understood that Numbers form the basis of Math. These are also the foundations for all sciences. Math is the Queen of Sciences.

Math & Numbers encompass our life. Once the skill to tackle them with ease is mastered, benefits will be as under :

  • Score better in current class.
  • Since our curriculum’s concept study is slightly higher placed, children score better in the next class as well.
  • Solve sums faster, giving enough time to re-check for better accuracy.
  • Faster & Accuracy ability to tackle numbers can results in better overall academics scores.
  • Fear for numbers is replaced with confidence to tackle anything.
  • Parent’s worry is removed. They get to focus their child on other pursuits like games or music without sacrificing on academics.
  • Child can pursue sciences till at least HSC (XII) to give better choice of careers or professional studies post XII.
  • Some higher subjects like Botany or Computer studies appear unrelated to Math. However a Genetics, Biotech or Software algorithm needs strong control over 'numbers'.
  • 'Numbers' bring authenticity in diverse academics. Numbers bring authenticity to business, "More" is one thing; having done 120% more business this year is another.
  • Competitive exams like Symbiosis Media Studies require sound Math foundation skills. NDA & Merchant Navy entrance exams require good Math background. Banking, commerce, marketing studies requires good ‘numbers’ orientation in form of calculations & statistics.
  • Higher level Exams like IIT, CA appear to be based on regular XII syllabi but even 90 % plus scorers in XII, fail to qualify, since their strong Math concepts clarity is lacking.
  • 'Numbers' bring authenticity to life’s activities & interactions.