Tuition FAQ's

Children will enjoy your Maths class using the NIMka Math Models.

Tech can’t Teach! Tech only Tells. Great Teachers inspire students. NIMka’s deep research will enable your Tuition centre to be regarded as special by parents.

NIMka Corporate will undertake to train, not just your Maths Teachers, but ALL your teachers on INNOVATIVE LEARNING TECHNIQUES. It’ll be a 4 hours session.

It is very reasonably priced. Roughly 50 models, covering Std 1 to 8 will be given to your institute. Feel free to ask for a Quote

There are no yearly/recurring fees whatsoever. It’s a onetime cost only.

All you will require is a single table/cupboard, that will suffice to store the models. You can pick up only the relevant model applicable for that particular class.

The purpose of Math-Lab is to make learning interesting. You are free to teach the academics and use NIMka models to bring a variation in the teaching process.

Your Academic Institution will be regarded as a Forward Thinking Institute. Progressive parents will feel assured that their child is in the right place.

NIMka Math-Lab Curriculum has concepts graded class-wise, mapped suitably for all boards.

Progressive ideas are meant for sustained growth. Installing a NIMka Math-Lab in your Tuition centre will create a unique ‘Brand Value’ to your Tuition & leap-frog your institute to the next higher level.